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I truly believe that every experience and adventure that we have brings with it color to our life canvas. My passion is splashing color all over myself!

Join me on a journey stretching from my home base in Africa, working the rivers of Europe with Viking Cruises and my personal travels around the world .

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It is my hope, that you will enjoy this blog as I update you on all things Viking, my personal travel adventures and thoughts .

Maybe you will find some inspiration here to go do that trip or cruise that you have always wanted for yourself.

Random scribbling included, you will find; news, views, reviews and itinerary highlights.

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This is my personal weblog. The views and opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of Viking Cruises, Viking contractors or Viking associates

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Viking Alsvin Danube Cruises 9th and 16th June 2023

– And now for Something Completely Different Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Welcome aboard the fantastic Viking Alsvin, where we embark on a voyage of superlatives—a journey through the Cities of Light Cruises on the enchanting Moselle, the majestic Rhine, and the marvelous Main rivers. But hold on to your hats because, in the midst of this

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Transavia airlines

Transavia Airlines Review

Transavia Airlines is a low-cost airline based in the Netherlands. Here’s a review of Transavia Airlines based on several aspects. Flying around the world, as I am fortunate to do, with many flights domestic and international in each month, I realized perhaps it is time to start reviewing the airlines. Transavia will be the first

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brief guides to the destinations


Paris to Prague Itinerary

Cities of Light See great cities & amazing landscapes It wasn’t long before this itinerary became one of my favorites. It is a totally different experience to the Grand European

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About the Blog

About the blog

During any season with Viking River Cruises, I am fortunate to have many opportunities to travel. 

So many guests ask me to stay in touch and let me know how things are going, what I am doing, where I am traveling to and to update them on the crew and the voyages.

I would love to, however the sheer number of guests who request this makes it impossible for me to keep up. I had my website but not a blog. So, now, in addition, I have a blog!


Naturally I will keep you abreast of all things Viking but I will treat this like a blog, offering my own experiences, thoughts, opinions, adventures, advice, tips and the like.

In time, focusing on the 2021 Viking river season,  I will add photo’s and videos of the cruises for you to download. The photos captured will be of the cruises we do.

It is my intention to develop a selected cruise by cruise portfolio and feature the crew members working with me on Viking. As time goes on, all cruises I am program director on will be blogged or vlogged.

Please be sure to check in regularly as I recount my adventures on the rivers of Europe and in my world travels.

Also, please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below and share your thoughts as we make this journey into a world fun seeking adventure!


6 thoughts on “Rob’s Blog”

  1. What an interesting blog! Lots of variety and things to read. May I ask you when Viking Cruises will start back on the rivers?

    1. Hi Joyce. Thank you for the feedback. Regarding Viking operating on the rivers again in Europe. We are officially looking at Sept 1. Obviously, like anything nowadays, this will be assessed as time goes on. One thing for sure. We will be back 🙂 !

  2. Your website is really nice. I like the layout. What I really enjoyed reading was your series on my birthplace, Portugal. It was a nice reminder that I need to go back soon. Nice work, Rob (if that’s your name). You may want to check a few pages where the type is gone a bit strange.

    1. Thank you, Miguel. Yes, Rob is me.:) Certainly I appreciate feedback from a Portuguese perspective. You have a wonderful country as your birthplace and your fellow Portuguese are some of the friendliest and hospitable I have met in my travels. I personally am looking forward to returning soon.

  3. Daniel Featherstone - Ft. Lauderdale

    Wow! I like this blog you have done. Last time I visited I found it a bit all over the place. This is way better! Good job! Tellyour web designer congrats but maybe just look at some areas that need attention. Good material and interesting. Nice one, bro!

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