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The advancement in smart phones, apps and transport is changing the way we travel
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Travel tech is changing pretty much all the the ways we vacation and work. It is an insidious process. We barely notice anything different but if we had to hit the rewind button and see just how technology has moved on, and how much has changed, it is quite shocking.

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Best mobile apps for travel

Best Mobile Apps For Travel Make your mobile phone your travel consultant, booking buddy, planner and navigator. Who needs a PA now? The best mobile apps for travel  Finding the best mobile apps for travel seems like an everything thing to do, right?  What would we do without our smart phones? Imagine no social media,

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The Hyperloop Train May Become A Reality

Enter the Hyperloop train. We are now witnessing space travel of the future, but brought to earth. It will not offer any solutions to transatlantic trips or be useful over long distances, but the Hyperloop train promises some speedy shuttle services between major cities. Calling it a train is probably a misnomer.

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Travel tech and artificial intelligence has taken a quantum leap in the last 20 years

Think back to the last decade. Maybe you were a kid then. Either way, the changes we have experienced in the last 19 years from that fearful Y2k scare is quite phenomenal. ( Y2k -when computer users and programmers believed that computers would stop working on December 31, 1999) The thing is, we have barely noticed just how much our lives have changed. Smartphones were not around in 2000. Facebook did not exist. Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and all those social media platforms we take for granted were not around.

Fibre optic. Free Wi-Fi? What? Nope. Not in 2000. Streaming movies and TV shows, watching live football games in the palm of your hand? Nah. None of that existed just a short 19 years ago. Our lifestyles have changed enormously and we just were so busy with the tech stuff. we did not even notice. Back then, any form of dating service was seen as a stigma but now we have Tinder and others with instant gratification of meeting others. It is not only accepted to find a partner online, it is expected for those to indulge if single.  Our social mores have adjusted with technology and the very fabric of society has changed with it.

Time Travel to 1999

Not buying into the idea that our social fabric and mores are changing by technology? Okay, fair enough. How about this…Let’s get on a time machine and go back to 1999. We arrive in some European city. There are tourists everywhere. It is a nice hot summers day. We see the tourists snapping pictures with their polaroids and Dycams and bat-wing shaped cameras. Aside from the camera, notice anything? Look again….

Better still, let’s try something. Let’s pull out our 2019 camera and attach it to a stick. See where I’m going with this? That’s right. A selfie stick. Can you imagine what stares we would get from those tourists if we started goldfish lipping blow kisses at the camera on the stick which is aimed at us? People would think we were totally nuts. They would also think we were ego maniacs.

smartwatchNow, lets continue on our travels and stop at a coffee shop. The waiter comes along. We get chatting the small talk. You say, looking at your watch, “I walked 10 000 steps today”. You look up and smile “Pulse rate is good”. You turn to your coffee and snap a pic with your phone. You then instagram it and Facebook it with your location. You show the waiter your social media prowess.

Meanwhile,  my smartphone rings out the latest Ariana Grande hit as the ring theme. I answer. Hey, it’s my girl on FaceTime…I chat to her lovely face on my phone monitor and even twist the phone at the waiter to give a cheeky wave.

That guy is out of there…downing two shots and probably freaking out at the bar.  We, meanwhile, do little talking or have much conversation at all. Our attention is planted directly at our devices in our hands as our fingers tap out a short coded language that would barely pass as English.

So, the point here is, that our world has, technologically,  moved on incredibly fast. This was just back in 1999. Fast forward to 2019, and, as Karen Carpenter would melodically sing “We’ve only just begun..”

In this section, I will try to keep up with all things technology, including travel tech. So, I guess this will be a frequently updated section of the website.

This is fun stuff!

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