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Sometimes the highest cost of your vacation is the air fare... No problem!

Cheap airfares

Low cost flights are always there to be found!  Find out how you can get yourself a good flight deal!

World travel naturally depends on flights to and from different continents, but this can turn out to be more expensive then the vacation itself. Finding low cost flights can become one of the most tedious and frustrating issues when planning a well deserved vacation. So, how do you do it? What are the tricks to finding those cheap flights?

Aside from all the usual ways of finding yourself  low cost, there is one golden rule that many people do not know. Or we tend to forget about.

Let’s say you open up your browser and start searching for those cheap flights. You type in your destination and start the search. It always takes awhile. You refresh, look again and decide a well deserved coffee break is in order. Now that you have had that well deserved pause… a return to your search…

Hang on! What the heck is going on? Those prices you noted down have changed! Now they are more expensive! It is a time sensitive offer. You must get these tickets fast!

There is a spy in the machine

Yes. We have all been there. You are getting duped. This is one of the methods that many airline and hotel booking sites will use to get you to make a fast and committed booking.

save on airfares‘They raise the prices, hiding the real low cost flights if you keep searching for the same destination. Basically your search for cheap flights becomes a search for expensive flights and you are unwittingly the cause of it’.

Frankly I think this is unethical and bad business practice and it should be stopped. But, while it exists, you need to know how to avoid the trap. Why pay more when you can pay less? Knowing when to book, how to book. This makes a huge difference in your costs.

low cost flights

Find air fares at prices that will not completely destroy your budget. Save hundreds of dollars just by booking smart.

saving on air costs

How to stop those spying and expensive eyes

Okay, so how do the search engines know you are looking at something that interests you and then know to put the price up? The same way you will discover the search engine miraculously seems to know what you’re looking for lately, a product or service, and starts pitching you with ads on that very item or service.

They are called cookies. We all know about them…It is those little bytes of info that are put on your PC/mobile/laptop and now tell the website that you are looking for something specific. In our situation, a flight to destination X.

How do we stop them doing this? We surf incognito. Most browsers have the facility for you to surf anonymously, meaning that they will not collect or accept cookies or keep your history if you are browsing in the private mode.

Get protection from the increasing flight costs

To get to this browser state, simply go to Google Chrome and type in Ctrl+ Shift + N or go to the menu in the top right of the browser and select new incognito window. You will then see this page:-

private browser

Then you simply refresh after each search and the website you’re looking at will not be able to establish if you’re a new potential customer or have been searching for awhile. Guess what? The price remain static.

If you are using another browser, simply select the menu in the top right window and you will see either the choice of private window or incognito.

It’s a simple trick but it can save you a lot of money and frustration. Cheap and low cost flights will then come your way… affordable air travel may soon be yours.

cheap airfare

Choosing the right time to travel will save you a lot of money

Cheap flights are not really difficult to find unless you are completely jammed in non-negotiable dates and times. If you have only July 12 to travel to Europe as a possibility, your chances of getting a cheap flight are seriously reduced due to the demand in peak season. However, if you can be more flexible on days, times and even months, you certainly would stand a great chance of cheap flights.

Definitely, if you have long range plans to go someplace, book as soon as you can and do not wait for last minute specials. It can happen but it is unlikely. The gamble may prove too expensive with waiting. Use these rules and you will find those low cost flights.

  • The best air travel tips to save you money
    • Early December:Usually the first two weeks of December, squeezed between the high travel times of  Thanksgiving holiday, and Christmas/New Year’s
    • January:The cheapest month to travel. Once the NY madness is over and people are trudging back to work. Best to start looking at around 7th January onwards
    • Spring:Can be a cheaper time to travel but obviously not on the popular spring break routes
    • In the Fall – Late August and sometimes a notable price decrease in October
    • Try the low cost airlines. They may be situated at a smaller airport or are parked away from the terminal from a large airport, but this is a surefire way to literally save hundreds of dollars/euros.

How to get the low cost flights that are available

  • When’s the best time to get  the cheap flight deals? Usually, if you look at the beginning of the year, after the festive season, you’ll see a huge drop in airfare prices. The months of January and February are best for any airfares in the northern hemisphere.
  • Airlines naturally focus on discounting the less popular routes and with some clever engineering you can leg it all the way to your final destination
  • If lay overs are the last thing you want to get involved with, you could always choose a destination by price. There are a few non-stop flights that will whisk you off to a great vacation spot. Perhaps one you may never had considered before.cheap flight tickets
  • Another great method is to sign up with airline deals watch sites. These will alert you via email of the latest air travel deals
  • Choose the correct time of week to fly. Keep away from weekend air travel. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly and secure the best air travel deals. If you don’t mind early starts and red-eye, there’s a money saver right there
  • Follow airline deals on Twitter. Most airlines will tweet their latest specials, some of which are really good
  • Is there a time to book your air travel? Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET, as discounted flights hit the sites. Most of these specials are pulled by Thursday.
  • Above all, remember the number 54. This is the magic number said to be the days you should book before your flight to get the best airfare deal
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