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Rob Wheatley Program Director, explorer & Writer

Hi. This website is inspired by my travels and experiences. Around the World with Rob is an invitation to you to join me in the exploration of this planet, the cultures, the sights with the free spirit mindset that lurks in all of us.

Free Spirit with Travel is just simply traveling and living a life in a way that does not necessarily always conform with the norms.

My name is Rob Wheatley. I am a nomadic resident of the planet with a bias of time spent in South Africa and Europe.

My passions are people, animals, travel and living without regret. I love to play and have fun and happily I get that from my career. One day I’ll get a real job……Not!

My career background began with Hotel Management Training in Torquay, England.

I also spent some time sailing, earning my Coastal Skippers certification, my goal to sail around the world. Other aspects of life diverted my path, but my passion for exploration has never left me. I spent many years as a radio DJ and TV personality before moving into the cruising industry, working my way up to Cruise Director with a few of the big cruise lines.

During my seasonal breaks when working as a CD, I spent time as a Life Coach and developing an Angel Investor program. With this,  I realized that I learned more from others than perhaps I could teach.

But I believe that my passion to help others find their path, remains one of my strongest desires.

Hence this website, encompassing world travel, thoughts, stories and hopefully offering inspiration for others.

I love having a story to tell. My drive is to make the story to tell, hence, I try and live fully.

To write and communicate juices me and so, I guess, this website serves me as much as it hopefully assists you

Rob Wheatley Facts Past and Present

  • Radio jock and TV presenter…
  • Cruise Director/Program Director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Pilot
  • Sailboat skipper
  • Dashed dreams to be a Premier League Footballer
  • Met Heidi Klum – fell in love. (No, she has no idea I exist).
  • I Love fun people who don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Nirvana for me is a new place, new people and new cultures
  • My favourite saying is from Dr Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions

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