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Hi. My name is Rob Wheatley. I am a traveler and free spirited nomadic resident of the planet. Around the World travel is my life and my work. 

If I can only enthuse just one soul to go and travel around the world, then this website is a success for me. It is my greatest desire to ignite some of that wanderlust in you with stories and information that can inspire, entertain, advise and assist.

Getting around the world

where to go? what to do?
how to do it?

Around the world travel is your dream? You can make it happen

Plan for travel around the world - Coming up with the perfect vacation plan

Cheapest countries to visit - What are they and for how much ?

Find Your Inspiration

Are you a Free Spirit?

Have you always considered yourself as someone who does things on impulse and seizes the moment? Does that make you a free spirit? Find out with the Free Spirit Quiz..

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”

Oscar Wilde

Travel Quotes

Travel Quotes that could change your thinking and your life

around the world travel exploration

around the world to Africa

Making a decision to travel – anywhere around the world, is an investment in time and money. Therefore, it makes sense that you know what you like and what kind of tourist you actually are. What juices you? Aside from seeing some place, what would you like to do there?

Choosing the best travel type for you

So, you want to plan a vacation or getaway but aren’t quite sure what you want to do? These days, there’s no shortage of the different types of travel styles and vacations that you can take to thousands of destinations around the globe!

The challenge is in making the right choice. Take the time to drill down and find something that really ‘juices’ you in the choices listed..

Find your types of travel

Spicing up your vacations with taste

What is food tourism all about? It’s a buzzword about something that has been around for years. This segment in the travel industry is one of the fastest growing, but is it all just hype? What can culinary tourism offer you that sets it apart from normal travel?

Turns out, this foodie travel thing has a good reason for being one of the fastest growing trends in tourism.

Find out why food tourism is hot

seek adventureAdventure Tourism will give you some ‘edge’ to your next vacation

Adventure tourism means many things to many people. Adventure travel does not have to be you jumping out of an aircraft with a skydiver strapped to your back or plummeting to a canyon floor hundreds of feet below as you dangle on a bungee cord..

There are many more sensible ways to make your next vacation just a bit more exciting without killing yourself.

Stay alive and still get the thrills of adventure tourism

ecotourismEcotourism – What it really means to be an Eco-friendly traveler

If this is the first you’ve heard of it, an ecotourism holiday is designed to help support conservation efforts in exotic, natural environments that are under threat. Ecotourism is a way to preserve what’s already there so future visitors can have the chance to walk on the wild side and get to see it as well.

Going green on your vacation is an extremely trendy way to holiday right now. Unfortunately, this means that some organizations market themselves as offering sustainable vacations but do not actually walk the talk. There a few ways to determine if your holiday is eco-friendly.

Joining the trend to ecotourism

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