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    A collection of articles that feature all aspects of travel, lifestyle and general scribblings that may be of interest

    There are so many observations, funny happenings, moments of observation in life that it is not always possible to pin it down to a specific category or heading. They are those times where you experience and simply would like to share.  This is why I have created the Featured articles page. Perhaps it will not always directly concern travel but it will be about something, someone, someplace or some memory. Hopefully it will entertain or be thought provoking.

    A selection of Featured Articles

    Viking Alsvin Danube Cruises 9th and 16th June 2023

    – And now for Something Completely Different Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Welcome aboard the fantastic Viking Alsvin, where we embark on a voyage of superlatives—a journey through the Cities of Light Cruises on the enchanting Moselle, the majestic Rhine, and the marvelous Main rivers. But hold on to your hats because, in the midst of this

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    Transavia airlines

    Transavia Airlines Review

    Transavia Airlines is a low-cost airline based in the Netherlands. Here’s a review of Transavia Airlines based on several aspects. Flying around the world, as I am fortunate to do, with many flights domestic and international in each month, I realized perhaps it is time to start reviewing the airlines. Transavia will be the first

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    COVID vaccine

    Will the COVID vaccine be the key to open the doors to travel?

    Is the COVID vaccine the panacea to all our travel ills? This is a great question. I think we have all started thinking that life and normality are just around the corner. But, as we rub our hands in anticipation for that unfettered international roaming freedom of movement that has been suffocated for 9+ months,

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    Happy Travels Again?

    Happy travels? Truth be told, having a travel website in the midst of a health pandemic such as COVID, is akin to having a lamb on the spit barbecue at a Vegan function.

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    Monte Carlo wealth

    A backpacker rendezvous in Monte Carlo

    ​I always say that you can smell the money the moment you step into this small sovereign city state.
    It is the millionaires playground and finding two young backpackers making their way through town was enlightening..

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    When traveling, you have to develop a sense of humor fast. That is one of the first things I learned. I could either spend my time getting angry and frustrated by delays, ignorant people, rude store keepers, bustling crowds, maybe rainy and cold weather. Or I could choose to just laugh things off and move on to enjoying my life.

    Honestly, it took me awhile. I am no saint – I can get as irritated as the next person. However, with persistent effort, many moments of deep breathing to find my center, I eventually got the hang of just being chill. No matter what. Believe me, it makes life so much easier. I remember my sister had a little plaque on her dresser when I was growing up. I never got it back then. It seemed like nonsensical gibberish. Now, however, it is elevated in my mind to mantra status.

    attitude is everything


    See the happy moron, he doesn't give a damn.. I wish I were a moron...My god, perhaps I am!

    Deciding on what makes a feature article

    I would love to sound erudite and tell you that I write feature articles and select according to wisdom, ingenious prose and cutting wit. Truth be told, I simply select my ramblings that resonate with me, be they observations, experiences or childhood memories. Random scribblings would be the best way I could put it.

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