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Are you a free spirit?

Free Spirit Quiz

What does it mean to be a free spirited person? Most of us have some pretty strong ideas and concepts of what a Free Spirit is However, are our preconceptions about this character type accurate? Do we really know what it is to be a person who lives freely ? 

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What is a free spirit?

Becoming a Free Spirt

I guess for most of us, the idea of being a Free Spirit seems appealing but we worry that it will make us selfish and uncaring of others.
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Is this person some self obsessed narcissist who cares about no one and stomps over the feelings of others in pursuit of their own goals? If so, why would anyone want to be like that? Find out if you are actually a free spirit and what it means to be one… 

The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage.

To be this type of person, you would have certain character traits, personality indicators that set you apart from others.

  • The essential ingredient is your sense of personal choice and freedom. You live your truth through your own moral and ethical compass. 
  • You are independent of the opinions, scorn and judgement of others. You feel compassion and forgiveness but you never allow yourself to be compromised by the acts of others. 
  • You are resilient and courageous in the face of criticism and stick to your path if you believe you are right – FOR YOU!
  • You are authentic – WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)
  • You follow your dreams and ignore the detractors
  • You live in the moment but not irresponsibly. You just soak up the present.
  •  You ‘see for yourself’ and do not make judgments based on other peoples opinion
  • You do not have to be unconventional or a maverick. Selfishness is not being a Free Spirit. Self actualization is being that free spirit.
  • You are not passive in the face of adversity but you ensure that you respond with a well balanced and processed response, ensuring that you do not compromise yourself or negatively impact your enjoyment of the moment or the day
  •  You have a healthy relationship with yourself. You are your own best friend and can be alone, and enjoy being alone, not needing others to prop you up or make you feel validated
  •  You are fearless and resilient. You own your decisions and your principles 
  •  You can be committed to something or someone but you will only be that with a like-minded soul
  • You understand that your association with people that try and drag you down or destroy your spirit are people that you can no longer entertain in your life and you move on
  • You act with kindness and love and look to see the good in others but NEVER with a view to sacrificing your essential self
  • You want to learn, become a better person and grow through experiences and places that take you out from your comfort zones
  • You enjoy challenges and see problems and obstacles as exactly that – challenges!
A free spirit is not a person who is self consumed, selfish and hedonistic. This is a well balanced individual who recognizes the fact that the better they value and love themselves, the better they can love and value others.

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