Accommodation around the world
A look at the world of accommodation

accomodation worldwide Here’s a look at holiday accommodation around the world, the accommodation industry news to the best hotel chains, the world unique hotels and vacation rentals.

Accommodation around the world

The hotel accommodation presumption


Naturally we all have stayed at some form of hotel establishment in our lives. Basically, the goal of a hotel is to be a place to stay overnight. A simple equation is that it is an establishment or managed accommodation. They offer rooms and we pay for the service. Straightforward…well at least it used to be.

best hotel chainsHowever, things have evolved. The hotel and accommodation trade is a major industry and is seriously big business. Just like the airlines, it works on reputation and turnover profits. The focus is on the customers, but this is tempered with an eye on the bottom line. Consequently, the service is a delicate balance between profit and guest satisfaction. The best hotel chains are at war with each other and being taken over by conglomerates.

In the age of the internet, the hotel and accommodation trade has had to adjust its course with the instant guest feedback made public in the review websites. Social media teams have been established by some of the top and best hotel chains to combat any public criticism. They have to ‘spin’ the facts to a more advantageous presentation. As a result, it’s a bit of a jungle out there.

What does this mean to us, the consumer? Well, aside from having to sift through a ton of reviews or just taking the short road to a trusted corporate outfit like Marriot or similar, there is not much that can be done. However, we can start utilizing more of the ‘informal’ sector and the lesser known or privately-owned unique hotels.

africa's top hotels

Top hotels in Africa

What are some of the top hotels to stay at in Africa Africa provides an amazing vista and sensational locations to enjoy the continent.Going on safari would top the list for Africa as a destination. Many, who have not visited the continent, imagine ramshackle hotels or simply safari tent camps await them should they choose

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Lobby of a popular hotel

Hotels and Social Media – A New Consumer Force

Social media has changed the face of the hospitality industry Hotels and social media has become a major dynamic, leading to major changes in the tourism industry as a whole. Primarily, it has created a new indicator for businesses in tourism, i.e. online reputations Nowadays, the job of a hotel manager is more than just

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London Hyde Park Hotels

Finding exceptional hotels around London’s famous green oasis. Summertime particularly is my favourite time in one of the greatest city parks in the world. Three hundred and fifty acres with over 4000 trees, flower gardens, a meadow and a large lake. London’s green lung, Hyde Park boasts an interesting history when in 1536, Henry VIII

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Getting out of the giant cogwheel of hotel and holiday accommodation


The thing is, the lemming like mentality to only choose the best hotel chains that has a corporate unique hotelsstanding means that we miss out on those little gems. These unique hotels and other establishments can offer as much if not more than the ‘Giant” organizations.

I decided awhile back that I would stay at hotels for business and go the boutique hotels, unique hotels, Airbnb or rent an apartment for holiday accommodation.

Why? Well, I found that I was missing out on the culture of a country by experiencing the hotel route only.

So, when it comes to hotels, I look at them as a whole. Convenience, position, service, friendliness and AUTHENTICITY. How much do they represent the country that they are situated in. Do they serve food that is traditional – or at least offer some on the menu? Are they unique hotels – offering interesting architecture, service and style? 

Why on earth do we want to stay in a 5 star hotel that could be anyplace on earth and the same as the ones in the States or anywhere else?  We are missing out on a huge chunk of the experience.

Our human folly – liking only what we know


It’s kind of like some of the Brits going to Spain for a vacation, speaking only English with fellow expat members of staff, demanding their home ale and eating fish and chips and staying by the hotel pool. What’s the point of paying all that money for holiday accommodation when you can get everything for cheaper back home? 

Less expensive to get a sunlamp, order from the local takeout and have a pint of lager right there in your backyard porch in Essex.

A good example of breaking away from the normal holiday accommodation was my trip to Morocco. I could have opted for any of the five star hotels on the boundary of the Medina or I could go live in the Medina. I chose the second option and now I can say I experienced the real Morocco and not some sanitized version of it.

accommodation reviewsSo, the focus on this section of the website is to share my experiences, the industry news and developments. I will report on the many types of accommodation that I experience in my travels.

Furthermore,  I intend to offer up reviews where I can hopefully give you some great ideas for how to house yourself during your next vacation.

Yes, granted, staying at the best hotel chains takes some of the headache out of the vacation planning, however, even the so-called top hotel chains do not always deliver what you expect.

Consider this; what about having another bow to your strings and actually making the hotel accommodation as memorable as the vacation? In conclusion, isn’t it you that is paying money for accommodation as part of your vacation costs?