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Tips for first time flyers and seasoned alike. Here is a collection of world air travel tips in articles and info that may help you.

The airline industry is constantly changing and, of course, our adventures (misadventures) happen when we take a flight.

There are so many aspects to airline flying – things you should know, what to pack in your carry-on, how to deal with cramped seating and obnoxious fellow travelers. Dealing with delays and managing layovers.

It all is quite intimidating, no matter how many times you fly. Regardless whether a seasoned airline traveler or a first time flyer looking for air travel tips, the playing ground is leveled. The multitude of variables can find us all confronted with challenges.

First time flyers may be nervous, phobic or just plain clueless about the procedures.

For the rest of us, that delay, technical problem or missed connection can happen anytime.

Then there are other aspects handy to know –    like how to get cheap flights, ways to score an upgrade to business or first class, when is the best time to travel etc.

Some people suffer a debilitating fear of flying and are looking for ways to deal with their phobia.

Others try to find ways to amuse themselves while in flight. Some just seek out any pharmaceutical aid that will calm them or make the trip shorter with sleep.

No matter how many times you have flown, there are so many wide ranging topics and aspects to consider before you board an airline flight anywhere.

Knowledge is power, as they say. Air travel advice can be useful for anyone, because flying is a major part of any destination travel.

The more you know, the easier it becomes.

Transavia airlines

Transavia Airlines Review

Transavia Airlines is a low-cost airline based in the Netherlands. Here’s a review of Transavia Airlines based on several aspects. Flying around the world, as I am fortunate to do, with many flights domestic and international in each month, I realized perhaps it is time to start reviewing the airlines. Transavia will be the first

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customs craziness

Cabin luggage and the weird stuff you can pack

Cabin luggage and the weird stuff you can take with you Amazingly, it seems that the TSA and other airport authorities have some really quirky permissible items for cabin luggage. Things you would never imagine you could board an aircraft with.. Air travel is not only long but it brings about so many restrictions that

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cheaper business class

How To Get Cheaper Business Class Tickets

Cheaper business class air tickets can be found. A standard price could run up about 5 times the cost of an economy ticket. For most of us, that’s really expensive. So we end up cramped in coach and try and survive the discomfort with little sleep and complete exhaustion at our destination. But what if there’s a way to fly business class without breaking the bank?

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flight calendar

World Flight Calendar

A snapshot of any month to see what awesome flight prices are on offer. Finding great airfares is always challenging. It seems airlines have different policies for different months and booking in advance. Check out this great flight planner..

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scenic approaches

Scenic Approaches to an airport Top 10

Ever wondered what must be the best view coming into land? Great cities and wonderful countryside can be seen in some of the locations worldwide. I decided to find out what are considered some of the best. Here are the top 10 scenic airport approaches listed for you.

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Low cost airlines - Are they safe? What do they really offer?

Patis to Prague

Paris to the Swiss Alps Itinerary

Paris to the Swiss Alps Explore Paris & sail the Rhine As an itinerary, Paris to the Swiss Alps is something different. No matter which direction you start, be it Zurich or Paris, the experience is both enriching and very exciting.  Starting in Paris, guests fly into Charles De Gaulle airport and, once through customs

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low cost airlines

Low Cost Airlines

Low cost airlines Save money and stretch your travel budget further During the last decade, things in the airline business have changed dramatically. Low cost airlines have come into being, removing the stranglehold of the large, established carriers who dominated the skies and the booking agencies. Not just marketing hype. Flying low cost airlines can

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