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Viking River Cruises Reviews – Up close and Personal

 Viking River Cruises Reviews are forever springing up all over the net.Guests expressing their feelings about their cruise. Well, here’s something a little different… An insiders look at the Viking River Cruise offering

Viking river cruises reviews from a current employee may be deemed by some as either foolhardy or highly biased. I thought about this carefully before even attempting this article. 

Viking longships interior

The fact is I am asked daily by guests the question “What is it like to work for Viking Cruises or what do you like about working with Viking cruises?” I state my feelings publicly everyday with an honest and guilt free response.

Many may think in reading this that “oh, well he says nice things because they employ him. Actually, on the contrary. I would say nothing if I had nothing good to say. I love working at Viking Cruises for the same reason guests love cruising with them.


My point of view

I have been very fortunate in the past, working as a Cruise Director on ocean with Celebrity, Holland America and Oceania.

On all 3 I could have written a positive article. Coming from Ocean and with many years experience, I think I can be sincere in my appraisal of the company I work with presently. I am based in the Viking River Cruises European operation.

With doing any Viking River Cruises reviews, as an employee, it would be easy (and maybe wiser)to be subjective. But as I said, if I did not believe in the product and what we offer, I would rather abstain I can write without criticism because I see what we offer, how we offer it and what the guest experience is.

Frankly, Viking is an exceptional product and I have that backed up by so many guests after every cruise.

As Program Director with Viking Cruises for 4 seasons, working on the Grand European Cruise leg :-  Amsterdam to Budapest, and the Rhine Amsterdam to Basel and presently the Moselle, 

I have been captivated not only by the itinerary, and the ships but by the colleagues I have the good fortune to work with.

One of the Vital Ingredients of Viking Cruises

The crew! Mostly Eastern European and Filipino, my work colleagues on board are some of the most hard working, nicest people I know.

A big part of my joy is to work alongside these dedicated hospitality professionals from Housekeepers, Nautical, Galley, Hotel and Management. Their stories are fascinating, their backgrounds diverse.

What all crew have in common is a dedication to the product. With a small crew of 49-52 people, what amazes me is their ability to transform a stateroom or public area back into pristine state in an incredibly short time.

The way a small nautic crew can maintain a vessel, navigate it, keep fundamental aspects of hotel (such as power and plumbing) in order, fix any problems and keep everything running is mind boggling.

And the galley producing all that delicious food all day and night in an area slightly larger than your kitchen at home just leaves one in awe.

Knowing this, I greet each of our boarding guests with confidence as I am assured I have a fabulous team right alongside to support our ultimate goal – to far exceed the expectations of our guests.


Viking River Reveiews: Methodology behind a successful Viking cruise

Our guests should leave feeling that they have just experienced the most amazing vacation. Generally, they do. Viking River Cruises gives the guest something exceptional and special. 

The tours offer up excellent choices and overviews of the cities and sights and a high standard  caliber of guides.

Part of my job as Program Director is to monitor their quality and listen to guest feedback after an outing. So I can say with confidence that Viking do offer the guests exceptional tours.

We dynamically adjust to the guest needs and issues and address them instantly. This is what sets Viking Cruises apart from others.

I will always preface my welcome briefing with the fact that any challenges or issues a guest may face, they should let me or the front office team know immediately. That way we can sort it out earlier rather than later.

We believe in going the extra mile and I think it shows. We recognize guest needs and out training is extensive in this.

What Makes Viking Cruises such an outstanding product?

It’s hard to say exactly what that recipe is. In any Viking Cruises Review, people will have their own idea what makes up this exceptional product.

I guess, in my opinion,  it’s probably the full ingredients of software (the crew), hardware (the vessel) and the programming (the company direction) all blended into something that is truly unique. The future is bright for this fast growing company as it has now entered the ocean cruising side of things as well.

Viking Ocean Cruises has been part of the operation for a few years now and the success of the ocean side is astronomical with an exponential growth in the fleet and the ever increasing itineraries on offer.

Why so successful? It’s down to the basic formula that saw Viking River Cruises blossom on the rivers – it’s people, it’s credo and its fundamental understanding of what the target market is and wants. The Viking Cruises story is both inspirational and impressive.

In conclusion –

As with the majority of Viking River Cruises reviews, this one is obviously very positive. The question should not be if  you should you take a Viking River Cruise or a Viking Ocean cruise. It should be – when can I take one?

To be transparent – I am more familiar with the river side of Viking but even so, I weigh up a great deal of any Viking River Cruises reviews on the hearsay of guests who are right there and now. One thing that always comes up in conversation is which is better? Taking a river cruise or an ocean cruise? 

Well, you cannot include Viking ocean in a standard ocean/river cruise comparison because it is unlike any other ocean going cruise line. But we can attempt to have a head to head comparison, as I do here, in the article –   Viking river cruise vs ocean cruise

I am more often than not coming across guests who have sailed on Viking Ocean.  Most importantly, the feedback from our guests is extremely enthusiastic.

Viking Ocean may be apart geographically from its river sister, but very much connected with the same DNA of Viking River Cruises. Judging by the numerous awards, great print and TV reviews and accolades received from the cruising industry, Viking Ocean has something extraordinary to offer.

Don’t take my word for it – just speak to friends who probably have sailed with Viking and can offer their own take on any Viking River Cruises Reviews

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