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As a digital nomad, you are working online and traveling through the world or you have simply decided to work  for a company remotely and are based off shore.

This is the digital nomad lifestyle. Technology has changed the workforce and the way we do things.Digital nomad jobs are becoming more available.

digital nomad

Digital Nomad Jobs are on the rise

The nomad jobs lifestyle has been put into the forefront lately with the COVID19 lock-downs. Companies have discovered that they can have productivity without having to allocate huge office space and costs.

There is no doubt that  the workforce is changing, accelerated by the pandemic and the work profile will become much more oriented to remote jobs.


Obviously this is a fantastic option for anyone who wants the freedom to travel and keep their career income and some of the perks.  Many people who have a skill and are good at it, have found that they do not need to see clients or be in an office personally to provide a service. 

In many cases, depending on the field of work you may be in, Skype, email, the Cloud, Viber, Zoom or Whatsapp and Messenger are probably all you need to offer your skill set. Obviously, you will need a stable and fast internet connection.

Inspirational reading material:

The 4-hour work week. Timothy Ferriss

Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

This is exciting for those who can look at their careers and identify that being in an office and not having to meet with clients is a redundant expense and constraint. If your ambition is to travel the world with your family, spouse or by yourself and you are in a field that does not need personal office visits or client contact, you could start by seeing if your current company would be open to this.

Many companies are beginning to move across to the remote office force concept if it fits with their service profiles.

Become a digital nomad in the form of a freelancer

This is the most common of all digital nomad pursuits. Why? Because it can be the easiest. If you have a skill, you can offer it on the marketplace. There are a whole bunch of websites available on the internet that you can join. This is where you can create a profile and bid for jobs, create a profile and build a solid reputation.

Perhaps you are a writer or and expert in WordPress, a designer or a coder. You would pitch for the 1000s of jobs on offer and if you are awarded it, you would receive both the work and the payment. Of course, the more you get, the more you will get.

 Your reputation would be part of your profile and hiring individuals or companies would see that you have an awesome reputation and would offer you jobs before putting it out on the marketplace. With all the advances in communication and travel tech, life and work on the road is much more possible these days.

Find a remote job

Still under the Digital Nomad category, finding a remote career is a real possibility for you.  There are businesses all over the world that employ remote teams. Depending on your ability, you could land a lucrative position as a remote team member. Bear in mind that you really want to be well qualified in your given field to be competitive.

You don’t just have your local city or country competing for a position as in a normal job. You have the whole world competing. The countries will include not only the First World nations but also the second and third world whose prices for service would be substantially less than what you would need to earn.

Therefore, as the saying goes, ‘there is always room for talent’. So the only way to compete with receipt of a good income is to be top in your field or abilities.

 This is great for any couple who both could have their own skills and work income or who would collaborate. For example one is a graphic designer and the other is a web designer

Depending on the income of the position, the family may have one partner as the breadwinner and support the family. Possibly, if the location is longer term, the other partner could find local work or look into their own remote business or job.


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Online business

This is a higher risk area if you are using it as a way to finance your dreams to visit the world while you work and travel. As with all the suggestions, I suggest develop a consistency first. Get income and skill first. Once established, then start your travels.

The stress of trying to build a business while you are traveling can ruin your travels, your business and your digital nomad aspirations business.

The most common and profitable of online income would be something like Dropshipping. What is Dropshipping?

This is a process whereby you market a manufacturers product and sell it, earning a profit. You will have your own website with shopify or another platform, and you would sell the product at a markup you decide that is competitive. You earn the difference, buying at the wholesale price.

Not as easy as it sounds because you will need to attract visitors which would mean spending some upfront cash on Facebook ads or Instagram ads to get visitors to your online shop. And spending money on advertising can be expensive and useless unless you know how to target and create compelling copy.

  • It can work really well but, as with all things, you need to learn how to do it well. Online courses from reputable places like Udemy will offer courses so you can get really good at it.
  •  You have no inventory to worry about and you don’t even have to hassle with delivery. You just target a market, sell and make money in your markup. It’s a trendy buzzy thing to do.

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