Itinerary Highlights
A selection of itineraries to be enjoyed on a Viking Cruise or any visit to Europe

Itinerary highlights on the Swiss Alps and Cities of Lights Viking river cruises

An itinerary highlights guide for those who not only take the Viking River cruises but for anyone. If you are planning a visit Europe, here is a great collection. Destinations to consider for your European vacation. Every one of the cities and towns offer some really fascinating history. Additionally,  there is eye candy you will enjoy, pleasing any taste. Capturing the essence of Germany, the Alsace, part of France and the Cantons of Switzerland, these towns are a must-visit.

The Itineraries Paris to the Swiss Alps itinerary| Cities of lights cruise

Certainly, the diversity in historic background, architecture, food and people, is a tantalizing brew of a travelers nirvana. Without a doubt, traveling along the rivers of the Mosel and the Rhine, you wilkl discover literally dozens of itinerary highlights to get immersed in. Here, you will find towns and cities, each that have stood for centuries along the river banks.  The visitor enjoys museums, art, food, hikes and so much more.  As we go along, more itinerary highlights will be added.

Patis to Prague

Paris to the Swiss Alps Itinerary

Paris to the Swiss Alps Explore Paris & sail the Rhine As an itinerary, Paris to the Swiss Alps is something different. No matter which direction you start, be it Zurich or Paris, the experience is both enriching and very exciting.  Starting in Paris, guests fly into Charles De Gaulle airport and, once through customs

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Paris to Prague Itinerary

Cities of Light See great cities & amazing landscapes It wasn’t long before this itinerary became one of my favorites. It is a totally different experience to the Grand European that I was used to. With very little overlap to the Grand European cruise, I found it to be a completely different experience.  You get

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town of Bamberg

A brief guide to Bamberg

Bamberg is a town located in south central Germany, a bit closer to the border with the Czech Republic in the east than it is to the French/Luxembourg border in the west.

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