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It wasn’t long before this itinerary became one of my favorites. It is a totally different experience to the Grand European that I was used to.

With very little overlap to the Grand European cruise, I found it to be a completely different experience.  You get to sail three of Europe’s most iconic rivers:

Of course, the Old father Rhine, a wide river that surrounds you with layers of history. Dotted with small, quaint German villages and larger cities, this river never fails to surprise, no matter how many times I have traveled  it. The middle Rhine presents the dramatic and romantic images of ancient castles standing guardian above the banks. It is quite phenomenal to witness first hand..

Then there’s the Moselle, a smaller, quieter and leisurely river with steep vineyards and folklore;  You have the opportunity to taste all that legendary Moselle Riesling and just bathe in spectacular scenery.

The Main, (pronounced Mine) is the wild child of the 3. Although canalized now, she was a rampant white water flow in her time. Now this river provides peaceful access to fascinating cities like the city of Spires;  Wurtzburg along with the beer famous, Bamberg . 

paris to prague itinerary

Before and after the exploration of the rivers, with bookends in Paris and Prague, this is a 12-day journey that fills the mind with the delights of Europe’s most beautiful and famous cities.

From enjoying the magnificent Prague’s Lobkowicz Palace on a Privileged Access tour designed just for us by Prince William, to being seduced by Paris at night and day, this is a cruise vacation that checks all the boxes. It is quite superb. And that is coming from someone who “works” the route as program director.

I tell all my friends and family to make sure they do this. It is a bucket list must!

This 12-day journey includes two nights each in two of Europe’s most glorious cities, Paris and Prague—plus a scenic river cruise along the Moselle, Rhine and Main Rivers. Drink in the picturesque landscape of vineyard-clad hillsides and sample fine German appellations in the villages of this famous wine-producing region. Discover the romance of Paris and its many historic landmarks. And fall in love with the graceful architecture of Prague, home to countless spires and a vibrant cultural scene.

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