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Which towns and cities do guests enjoy the most on the cruise section?

Here’s another question I get asked in conversation. It is obviously highly subjective. This is the pleasure of visiting different areas of Europe.

Each country has its own distinct feel and every town or city within that country has its own personality.

Depending on your own likes and dislikes, opinions can vary to the extreme. However, I will give you some ideas about what each town on the City of Lights cruise portion offer.

Mosel River

The Moselle is a beautiful river. It winds its way lazily through Germany and meanders into France, gently like a Sunday stroll.

The closeness of the river banks on either side, flanked by dramatically sloped vineyards, gorgeous towns and interrupted only by the locks that have their own fascination, this river is quite stunning. 

Cochem Castle

What a start to the cruise portion of the City-of-lights-Paris-to-Prague! Along the way, the towns of Trier, Bernkastel and Cochem bring you that mixed salad of Roman, Germanic and French influences.

Towns such as Bernkastel and Cochem will help your imagination run riot as you can completely picture how these towns must have appeared in the middle ages.

Castles and vineyards pleasure the eye and the fascinating tales of old, spill lavishly from the mouths of guides whose passion is notable.

I feel like a child in wonder as I listen and soak up the architecture and history around me.

So, I guess, to each their own when it comes to a given town. Some love the history, some are fascinated at the authenticity of the town, dating back hundreds of years, others love the wine and vineyards, some are fascinated by castles whilst others enjoy places to sit and watch the world go by.

On this itinerary there are all things covered:-

  • For shopping: Trier, Bamberg, Wurtzburg and Nuremberg
  • For Castles: Cochem and Koblenz (including the Middle Rhine area in which we travel)
  • For Wine: Bernkastel , Cochem and Wurtzburg
  • For WW2 military history: Luxembourg and Nuremberg
  • For architecture: Paris and Prague
  • For an authentic sense of a medieval town: Rothenberg (Wurtzburg optional), Cochem and Bernkastel
  • For its German sensibilities: Bamberg for the beer. Wurtzburg for the Reisling,  Silvana and Baccus grape varieties of wine. For the traditional German food – every German town we visit, however I would recommend both Wurtzburg at the Ratskellar and Nuremberg old town especially. Regarding Nuremberg, this is the home of lebkuchen (ginger bread)

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German food and drinkFoods to try in some of the best towns in Germany:

Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle), Bratwurst (Grilled Sausage), Kartoffelkloesse (Potato Dumplings),Sauerkraut (Fermented Cabbage), Knockwurst (boiled sausage),Weisswurst (bacon sausage),currywurst (pork sausages in a mild curry sauce), apfelkuchen (apple cake) kaisershmarrn (pancakes).

There are of course, other specialities. Schnitzel is served as well but this is an Austrian dish although widely popular is Germany.

If you haven’t tried a Viking River Cruise yet, seriously consider it. It is one of the most beneficial and enjoyable ways to get a good taste of a country. I have written an insider Viking River Review,  but don’t take my word for it. You will find plenty of guest reviews on the Net.

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