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Indulge in one of the the 50 best boutique hotels in Europe

Imagine staying at one of the top luxury boutique hotels in the European capitals. Where money is no object and you spend your days and nights enjoying royal styled service where fine china and gold taps are par for the course.

Hotels abound in Europe. The costs can be out of this world. The luxuries can be over the top. Expensive? YES!  So what? Imagine if you had the money. Suspend disbelief and just imagine you have endless sources of income. You are rich beyond your wildest dreams. Maybe you won the lottery. Question is, what would you do with that money?

Travel? Of course! And how would you travel? Buy a luxury yacht or charter a Lear Jet? Sure. Why not? Money is no object. Maybe purchase a villa in the Algarve or invest in a house in Tuckers Town, Bermuda?  And once you bought a new house, car, helped relatives etc then perhaps time to get out and see the world. The imagination runs riot. How cool would it be to stay in one of the top luxury boutique hotels of Europe?

Daydreaming aside…

Well, to be honest, you do not have to be a billionaire or even a millionaire to stay in a 6 star hotel. However, they can certainly represent an extravagance reserved for people who have disposable income. But, I always say, at least once in your life find a way to indulge yourself without guilt. You deserve it. Even if you stay in a luxury resort or boutique hotel for 2 nights, it is a memory to inspire you and, perhaps even motivate you. A little sinful hedonism is good for the soul..

excerpts for boutique hotels

Boutique hotels are the catwalk models of the accommodation world: sleek, sexy, dressed to impress and Instagrammable at every turn. Whether in the city or the country, beside the sea or in the mountains, with four bedrooms or 45 (though no more than that), the best of them are cool and stylish, glossy and bespoke, designed to pique the interest, stimulate the senses and make serious hotel junkies of us all. Hotels were never desirable before boutiques hit the scene. You could be impressed or comforted by them but you never wanted to inhabit them, to take them home. But that’s the point: successful boutique hotels have all the qualities of home, only lovelier, and without the work. They are the ultimate in lifestyle living.

Defining what boutique hotels actually are

Just because a hotel dubs itself boutique, it does not mean it is luxury. Boutique is an overused word and very abused. Many small operations will use the moniker of “boutique” hotel when in fact they are simply small and not necessarily luxurious or special at all.

The true definition of boutique hotel is to suggest that the establishment is petite – usually 80-100 rooms. The boutique hotel usually is vibey – fitting to its urban or local surrounds. Trendy in decor, focused on food quality and presentation. Sometimes these hotels will be more relaxed with the rules, allowing pets and flexible check-in/out times.

The authentic feel of a boutique hotel will be its distinctive branding – offering a feel and ambience to guests who are looking for something more than just another corporate  catering to the masses accommodation. Find out how to get the best hotel deals here

Okay, $300 -500 per night is not cheap but imagine splashing the cash for that anniversary, birthday or treat? 4 days in a luxury European hotel can set you back about $1200 -2000 – but what a memory!

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