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Social media has changed the face of the hospitality industry

Hotels and social media has become a major dynamic, leading to major changes in the tourism industry as a whole. Primarily, it has created a new indicator for businesses in tourism, i.e. online reputations

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Nowadays, the job of a hotel manager is more than just managing his or her hotel. It is about managing with a focused view on customer satisfaction beyond the cursory applications of pre digital age. Hotels and social media have clashed and it is up to the tourism industry and hotels included, to respond and up their game. Or perish.

Focusing on hotels – The hotel manager must manage the online reputation and build the brand image online. Secondly, social media becomes a channel for customer service and specifically, customers can give their feedback and ask for support through social media channels instead of traditional methods such as email or phone calls.

Thirdly, inbound travelers can get access through inbound marketing because of interesting content. Precisely, more compelling content enables customers to share and have high engagement. Then, the role of search marketing is enhanced by the aid of adding functions such as “like” or “follow”….

But it’s a good thing and not bad for tourism and the hospitality industry. The negative aspect is outweighed by the positive potential. As stated in the third point, there is room to market and trade on reputation, far more than the downside of bad publicity. The saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity. It is they way we manage that publicity that is key.

Hotels and social media can, and do, get along if they get the formula right. Please most of the people most of the time. Use the social media platform for your benefit and establish your image and brand with clever marketing, customer testimonials and attractive offers.

“The power of social media can make or break a business, an individuals career and even bring a long established corporate reputation down in days. It’s sobering  to consider the power the consumer has these days – but it makes a change from the times where bad service complaints could easily be hidden.”

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The days of the hospitality industry simply relying on in-house comment forms at the end of a visitors stay have long gone. In the past, businesses had time to correct there mistakes or simply sweep them under the carpet but all that has changed.

These days the ultimate power lays with the consumer (where it should be) and the standards and service of all establishments is in the glaring spotlight of social media – reputations can be destroyed in a moment and that bad rep can last years.

Social media has changed the playing field and service and quality needs to be top notch to stay in business. How does this effect you, the consumer? Simply put, it places you in a position of power. It allows you to demand the quality promised and gives you a very strong platform from which to voice your opinion.

Threatening to inform head office of poor service is no longer the only route to take. Now you can tell the world and be heard. This is the impact of social media. Democracy in business is a fact, not a myth. As a business owner, you either get the votes or you don’t.

hotels and social media
Traditionally, customers just receive the messages from the companies with printed ads (Submitting), but now they take a role in creating the messages from or about the brands on online social media channels such as sharing or liking

Today, we the consumer can get to call the shots. We can reward great service and punish bad service. If used responsibly, this new-found power of the consumer can only enrich and create higher standards for us all to enjoy, receiving more bang for the buck and leaving a vacation feeling blessed and not cheated.

Hotels and social media can be a beautiful thing, for both consumers and providers. We just need to get the balance right.

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